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Senior Move Services takes the dread out of downsizing for seniors in Kansas City by simplifying the moving process and acting as each client's single point of contact.

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Adding Value to Your Move

Would your mover or moving concierge respond to your client’s request for adding lace panels to a china cabinet? Our client sees more value in our creation of pleated lace panels attached with Velcro to her china cabinet than she does to our sorting and packing services. We consistently go the extra mile to please our clients.  People need help with different parts of the moving process and when we listen and respond appropriately to their concerns we bring value to them that they won’t find anywhere else.

One client needed help choosing furniture for her new apartment. I brought her floor plan and tape measure to the store and over the course of a few hours, we chose the furniture she liked and made arrangements for the delivery so that it coordinated with moving day. I remember the client who needed to refinish a cane-back chair. I delivered the chair to the refinisher, retrieved it days later and returned it to the very pleased client. You’ll notice that most of these tasks could have been accomplished by the clients had they been younger and more mobile. As we age, many tasks that were once simple become overwhelming. At Senior Move Services we strive to coordinate the complexities of the move so that the client can use her energy to become accustomed to her new home, new friends and new life.

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