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Senior Move Services takes the dread out of downsizing for seniors in Kansas City by simplifying the moving process and acting as each client's single point of contact.

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The Story of Minnie Mills

Minnie was a dog without a permanent home. When I first encountered her, Minnie’s nails had grown into her toe pads. Her coat was matted and reeked of smoke. She had a bacterial infection from eating garbage. She’d never had her shots or even a chance to go outside. Most of her interactions with people had forced to hide and tremble in fear. After finding that animal shelters throughout the city were full, I decided that Minnie would become the second dog in my household.

Minnie is now up to date on her shots, regularly receives preventative heartworm medicine, and gets groomed when necessary. She's my twelve-pound tyrant.

I positively transformed Minnie's life and hope to do the same for each of my clients.

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